Restore The Music UK awards grants to non fee-paying primary and secondary schools with the sole aim of delivering accessibility for every child to musical instruments and tuition. The grant awards are one-off sums which must be spent within a 3 year timeframe.

Maximum allocation of £10,000 for primary schools and £20,000 for secondaries, of which up to one third can be spent on tuition.

Schools are encouraged to apply for the maximum amount but the final award will be decided at the discretion of the Board.

Please see “The Grant Proposal” for further detail.


Restore The Music UK works with its partners to identify eligible schools and the process begins with a face to face meeting of the RTM UK CEO, the Head of Music / Lead Music Coordinator and Principal of the school, during which a pre Grant Assessment Report is prepared. Please see “Pre Grant Assessment” for a list of information required in advance of this meeting.

Following this meeting, and upon clear demonstration of eligibility for application, the school is invited to submit a detailed grant proposal which lays out exactly how much funding is being sought and for what purpose.

Alternatively, any school that believes it displays clear eligibility for a grant award is invited to contact RTM UK on with details of the head teacher, music leader and school address.

However, a Pre Grant Assessment Visit must take place before any candidate is invited to submit a grant application regardless of believed eligibility.

A basic starting point would be to meet the following criteria:

  • The school is non fee-paying primary or secondary
  • The school has been established for a minimum of 2 years
  • The school has a below average provision of musical instruments and tuition
  • The school has an above average Free School Meals and Pupil Premium percentage
  • The school has adequate and secure storage space for the musical instruments and equipment

Please note: the terms of the grant are set out in a legally binding agreement between the school and Restore The Music UK. Failure to comply with the terms as set out in the agreement may result in the withdrawal of the instruments and or the remaining funds as well as the withdrawal of the right to participate in any RTM UK events and future funding rounds.


As of 2018, RTM UK holds 2 funding rounds per year – in May and November.


Results will be released by 5pm on Monday 9th December 2019.

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