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1. Pre Grant Assessment Report

The following information is requested prior to the initial meeting between Restore The Music UK and the school:

    • Name of school
    • Contact details (full address, telephone and email)
    • Age of school
    • Type of school
    • Number of pupils
    • Year range
    • Number of pupils by year
    • % Pupil Premium
    • % Free School Meals
    • Ofsted rating
    • Chief persons associated with the grant proposal (to include Principal, Bursar/CFO, Head of Music) and email addresses
    • Brief summary of work history of Principal, Financial Officer, Head of Music and other persons named above
    • Brief outline of intended purpose of grant

  • Summary of any relevant sponsors or grants

2. The Grant Proposal

This needs to give an accurate picture of the school and the community it serves followed by a detailed vision for the music department and a coherent strategy for achieving it. In short:

  • Who you are
  • What you are
  • What you have
  • What you want
  • Why

The proposal must contain the following information:

  1. Statistical summary of the school
  2. Current music provision, to include:
    1. class size
    2. extra curricular ensemble groups
    3. number of music staff
    4. curriculum offering available to pupils (GCSE / BTEC / A level / all class teaching etc)
    5. annual budget
  3. Inventory of school owned musical instruments
  4. Number of children learning an instrument (in or out of school)
  5. Vision for the music department
  6. Grant sum – total figure of grant application
  7. “Wish List” – detailed list of all planned expenditure (please specify quantity and make of each instrument with per unit ex and incl.VAT price and total price ex and incl. VAT. Precise detail of tuition cost / hours / number of children). This list must tally exactly with the requested grant sum and cross reference the musical vision and strategy.
  8. Strategy – how the funding would be deployed to achieve this vision
  9. Matchfunding – detail of any other funding that would be made available to the music department/ school on receipt of a RTM UK grant that would help to maximise and optimise the opportunity.
  10. Full contact details for Headteacher, Head of Music, Chief Financial Officer, and any other persons relevant to the grant application must be included
  11. Accompanying letter of endorsement from the Governing Body

Please note:

  1. Primary school application – maximum £10,000.
  2. Secondary school application – maximum £20,000.
  3. Up to one third of the total sought may be spent on tuition.
  4. Grant awards are made directly to schools and must be used for the purpose as set out and
    approved in the proposal.
  5. Priority should be given to instruments which can be enjoyed in an ensemble grouping and items to support their performance may be included e.g. amps, leads, clarinet reeds, violin strings, trumpet oil, stools etc.
  6. The vision set out in the proposal should reflect the school and its community. There is no RTM UK standard “wish list” as it is expected that a school will look to purchase those instruments which will most inspire their pupils. The choices therefore must be accompanied by a clear explanation and rationale.
  7. The grant award is based on the ex VAT figure on the “wish list”.
  8. Purchasing must not take place until the school is in receipt of the grant.
  9. Grant is a one-off award and must be spent within 3 years of receipt. Failure to do so may result in unused funds being recalled.
  10. A detailed financial report must be submitted at the end of every financial year until such time as all funds are spent. Failure to do so will result in the funds being recalled.


Applications need to be submitted by 12pm on Friday 29th November 2019.
Schools are notified by 5pm on Monday 9th December 2019.