Battle of the Bands 2017

Battle of the Bands started as an informal performance opportunity for Restore The Music UK grantee schools and is now an annual event with £6,000 prize money, hosted by Central Foundation Boys’ School, with grateful thanks to Headteacher Jamie Brownhill.


  • Mitchell Brook Primary School
  • Hackney New Primary School
  • Reach Academy
  • Central Foundation Boys’ School
  • Corelli College (now The Halley Academy)
  • Skinners Academy
  • Oasis Academy Shirley Park
  • Mulberry School for Girls

Photo credit: Birgit Tabbarah Photography

Who better to show the effects of music on the youth THAN THE YOUTH?!

The honest enthusiasm and pure energy shown by the kids leaps off the screen. Plus celeb characters like Steve Mackey on the judge panel added a rock and roll authenticity that never goes amiss.

Steve Mackey, Bass player from the British band Pulp said: ” Restore The Music UK has a fantastic, simple aim that I completely endorse: Place musical instruments in the hands of children and schools who wouldn’t otherwise easily have access to them … and let them decide what happens next! Get ready for electronic artists, orchestras, steel drum bands and much more all thanks to the unique support of Restore The Music UK“.



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