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Rachael Adediran (Head of Music at Skinners’ Academy) on Battle of the Bands 2018:

I’d just like to express my sincere thanks to you for the wonderful time we had at the Restore the Music battle of the Band 2018! Even before our pupils performed they (and I) were inspired by the primary school’s enthusiasm, musicality, attention to dynamics and expression, communication with the audience and presentation! Watching other pupils from outside our school gave them an opportunity to be humble, genuinely appreciative, gently critical and just a little bit anxious about their own performance – all of which are experiences that are incredibly hard to re-create in school! Being able to share their own music with their peers and industry professionals gave them a sense of confidence, pride and also a sense of purpose, they genuinely couldn’t believe they won and then being invited to Arsenal on the same day meant that their work ethic went through the roof!

Since the Battle of the Bands they have written another song, performed at Arsenal twice, rehearsed almost daily in school despite being on summer holidays following GCSE exams, headlined our own Music Café and inspired Skinners’ pupils and then performed in our final assembly to the entire school and staff with no few tears from some of my colleagues!

I can’t really get over what a journey it’s been for them over the last month and a huge huge part of that is down to the work you do.

Thank you.

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