Restore The Music UK was founded in 2011 to deliver private funding to schools to facilitate the provision of music – instruments and tuition – to all children in state education from primary through secondary.

Restore The Music UK is unique in awarding grants which seek to address the precise needs of the school music departments and their students. All successful applicants are identifiable by their determination to raise attainment levels, nurture talent, encourage ambition and foster a belief in personal success in all students.

The RTM UK programme does not seek to reward individual talent – but rather, it actively seeks to fund the opportunity for every child to experience and acquire the love and joy inherent in music of every kind.

Restore The Music UK is young, flexible and dynamic and welcomes alliances that are keen to invest back in to the musical and creative education of the young people of today.

Restore The Music UK. Restoring the Heartbeat of the Capital.

          – Polly Moore, Chief Executive Officer, March 2017

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